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The story behind the Active Fenland project

Active Fenland launched in June 2015 with Sport England funding for a total period of 3 years. Working in conjunction with Fenland District Council, the project aims to encourage our local community to lead more physically active and healthier lifestyles.

Active Fenland has gone from strength to strength since launching two-and-a-half years ago, helping currently inactive people take that first step towards physical exercise and go on to make friends and create healthy habits for life.


In that time, more than 5,800 individuals have joined in a series of activities held in locations across the district. They include everything from Walking Football, Netball and 'SwimFit' sessions to Badminton, Freestyle Gymnastics and Beginners Running.


More than 3,600 sessions have so far been held, attracting a staggering 87,422 visits (to November 2017).


In September 2017 Active Fenland launched a new partnership with Public Health (Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council). As a result of this Active Fenland now works in partnership with Let's Get Moving Cambridgshire which is a countywide two-year initiative sharing the same ethos of Active Fenland; to support our local community to becoming more healthy and active.


To find out more about Let's Get Moving Cambridgeshire please follow this link:




What others say about Active Fenland…


Fenland MP, and newly-appointed Minister of State at the Department of Health and Social Care, Stephen Barclay, played a key role in securing the Sport England funding for Active Fenland.


He said it would be difficult to find a project that has made such a significant impact on individuals as Active Fenland, and that it was "at the heart" of what the Government wants to achieve in terms of engaging hard to reach groups into sport and physical activity.


"The Government wants to target those who don't usually get involved in sport and are out of the habit of keeping active, which is the very essence of what Active Fenland is doing," he said. "There is a huge appetite in Fenland for more sport and more activity and thanks to the work that people here today have put in we are in a very strong position for further funding."


Councillor Michelle Tanfield, the council's Cabinet member responsible for sport and leisure, said: "Sports development is making an incredible journey in Fenland, empowering local communities to lead more physically active, healthier lifestyles with projects that being led by and shaped by local insight.


"As a result we see how communities come together, in both work and play, and socialise as one. It is no longer about playing sport for sports sake, but using the value of sport to achieve so much more. I have no doubt that these projects and the new ones to follow will be successful, benefit many individuals and be sustainable for many years to come."


Marie Hartley, Local Government Relationship Manager for Sport England, said: "Active Fenland is about tacking inactivity and representing those under-represented, hard to reach groups. It recognises the importance of physical activity, the positive influence it can have on people's lives and the power it has to bring communities together."



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