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You won't want to take a dip without Swimfit. Lane swimming has been transformed, with added structure to motivate you to go further in the pool.  Swimfit provides a mixture of different routines, strokes, speeds and lengths to encourage you to push yourself. Our instructors are on hand offering you expert poolside support and you can be assured of getting the ultimate swim every time. Join in a Swimfit Activate+ group session delivered by a qualified instructor or pick up an Activate+ session card from poolside and see for yourself why swimmers all over the country are choosing Swimfit.


Swimfit sessions and lanes


Designated lanes and training equipment now available in selected sessions.


Our pool programmes have changed and now include special Swimfit lanes. Take advantage of the new training kit available, pick up a Swimfit Activate+ session card anytime and get started.  There are 30 cards ranging from 10 to 120 lengths.


So if you are aiming to swim 20 lengths, simply pick up the 20 length Swimfit Activate+ session card and get swimming! Why not aim for 22 lengths next time? If you are looking for motivation and support in achieving your health and fitness goals, join a Swimfit Activiate+ session with us today and ask your Gym Instructor to modify your programme to include a swim session.


Make sure you head over to swimfit.com to log your session and discover much more from the world of Swimfit.


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